Welcome to Regus Surgical

Regus Surgical is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialized devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery and General Surgery. Our goal is to provide products that enhance procedures and patient outcomes both clinically and economically.

With the right people working together to develop and accomplish our strategy, we are able to deliver on the focused goals. Our open approach invites customers and partners to share thoughts, ideas, and comments to allow us to solve problems by working together. Regus Surgical believes in the strength and the creativity of its collaborators and in their ability to realize excellent performance as an individual and as a team. Today, Regus Surgical has seven collaborators with considerable specialist expertise in the Health Care Industry.

Our strategy of offering complete product lines and constant new product development allows us to stay ahead of our competition. We have now an extensive range of products but also are actively engaged in further research and development and we will shortly be introducing new products to our portfolio.

Regus Surgical is committed to adapting its processes to reduce time to market and to eliminate non-compliance, and we select and support suppliers delivering superior goods and services. All products are fully CE marked and comply with International Quality Standards.

Regus Surgical is privately owned, with no public shares or venture capital commitments, and has offices in Malta and in Belgium.

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